Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Male Addiction

I have a addiction. Some might call it a sickness.
A lot of men have it. Most keep it hidden from their friends and families.
When I am out at the mall, I wonder if that man walking with his wife is like me.
I am glad I am not alone with this addiction.
The internet feeds my cravings, I can spend hours looking at all the pictures. Lusting for a touch. I guess by now you are thinking it is Porn. Well you are correct. Not the Porn you are thinking about, but never the less it is an addiction. Those of us who have it, call it SOAP Porn. 
People who spend hours looking at beautiful naked soap bars.
Maybe it might be hard to understand how one could have such an addiction, unless you have made soap from scratch you may never know. I spend hours on end formulating a batch of soap. Making what I would call the prefect soap. All of us who make soap strive for perfection. The perfect soap for dry, or oily skin. A bar that will leave your skin soft and smooth. A bar that will make you look forward to taking a nice long bath. It is a sickness. Something that gives you pleasure.
I dare you to google "soap porn" and click on "Images". I warn you once you start, there is no turning back. You will find yourself glancing over your back, making sure no one is in the room as you view all the pictures. Go ahead, it will be our little secrect!

 Eros Soaps

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