Friday, December 21, 2012

All Handmade Soaps are created Equal

All Handmade soaps are not created equal! The bar in the picture, I took at a local store. I did not stop to read what was used in making this soap.(It is just a picture of "Handmade Soap" being sold at stores.) ** Picture removed because it might cause me some legal issues!
 I love trying out Handmade soaps. I pick up a couple of bars at the farmer's market or store every month.
One thing that I noticed about most of these bars, is the lack of ingredients. I try not to read what was used in making the soaps, until after I showered with them a few times. I am getting good at guessing what is in the bars, by smell, and how my skin feels after showering.
Most, if not all of the Handmade Soaps I have bought over the last couple of years have really been a let down. 
I think most make soap for only one reason. The reason is to make $$$!
Call me a romantic, but I make soap because I care about what I put on my skin, because I care about how it makes my skin feel. Most of all because I take pride in making a bar of Soap, that people will tell others about.
A few years ago, when making soaps I would always think about the day, my bars would be sold in the chain stores, or selling hundreds of bars a week over the internet. Those days are gone.
I am happy making 30, 50, or 100 bars a week if I have the time. 
On some of the "soap making forums" people are always asking about using a cheaper oil, or "instead of using so much olive oil, can they replace some of it with canola oil." It all comes down to cutting cost.
On one of the forums a lady said she stop using jojoba oil, because the price went up. When I decide on making soap, I use a software program, that adds up the cost of making a 5 ounce bar. On average a bar using several luxury oils and butters, cost between $1.50-$2.00 per bar. If I were to make soap like the "Handmade Soaps" being sold in the chain stores I could cut down the price to about $.50-$1.20 per bar. I am sure most of the companies that make a 1,000 bars of Handmade Soap a week (small batches), can make them cheaper since they buy their oils in 50 gal. drums.
So let me say that All Handmade Soaps are not created Equal!
I have not seen a bar of handmade soap in a store that uses Silk proteins. (Which I use in every bar.) They might have one, maybe two luxury oils or butters in them, but use just enough so they can put it on the labels.
I might be funny when it comes to Handmade Soaps, but I like how they make my skin soft! 
Now some tips on buying Handmade Soaps.
Look for soaps, that contain some nice oils and butters, such as olive, almond, coconut, shea, coco, mango, and jojoba. These oils and butters contain properties that benefit the skin.
Don't fall for the "heals so and so" If it heals, it is a drug! A good soap will help clear up the skin, because it cleans the pores, helping Prevent acne. There is a science in making a good bar of soap. Each oil and  butter contributes to an over all cleansing process.
I am not saying that all Handmade Soaps sold in the big box or chain stores are bad, I am just saying READ the label.
Come the New Year, I will get back to making some more soaps, using mango, coco, and shea butters. A couple of shaving bars, and a skin balm. If time permits, I will make some lip balm.
For me it is not about making 1,000 of bars each month. It is about making bars that are the best.
If you have any questions about the benefits of certain oils or butters, drop me a line. If you have any request about a certain fragrance or balm let me know. 
An artist creates a painting with passion, I guess I am a artist when it comes to making Handmade Soaps!

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