Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Old People Smell

I was going over some fragrance reviews and I came across one that said "It was nice and fresh, not a old people's smell."
She was talking about a men's fragrance not having an "old spice" scent.
It made me think, about how scents trigger the memory. 
When I smell a bay rum scent, it reminds me of my childhood when I would get a haircut. The barber putting a splash of tonic on my head and rubbing it in.
For me if it does not have a "old people's" scent I don't think of it as manly!
My oldest son is more of a "Cool Water" type.
I guess in 30 years a Cool water type scent will trigger memories for him.
Another scent review was for a "dirt" scent.
I was surprised of all the positive reviews on it. People were talking about how it reminded them of their childhood, making mud pies.
Just thinking about how a dirt scent would smell, triggered memories of working in my grandparents garden when I was a young boy.
What kind of scent triggers memories of your youth?
I am tempted to buy some "dirt" scented fragrance. A dirt soap, some dirt bath salts  for a mud bath? Maybe there might be a market for it to pig farmers!

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