Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soaping for Family's Health

When I was growing up, I had the chance to live on a working farm. 
Chickens, pigs, cows, horses, a pea patch, along with just about every other veggie.
A few weeks ago I saw a video about a chicken farm not far from where I live. They raise their chickens  as farmers did way back. They just let them wonder around the farm, eating insects, grasses and such. They talked about how much more flavor the chickens have, along with how great the eggs were.
One thing I do remember about growing up on a farm is the Great food! I have yet to find a store bought chicken that tasted as good as those farm hens. I decided to buy a farmed raised chicken, along with some fresh farm eggs. The eggs run about $6.00 a dozen. The chicken was about $ 9.00.
This weekend I will see if it is worth the price!
Well it got me to thinking about how much someone is willing to pay for something that is more healthy for the body.
Which brings me to why I soap.
I guess the main reason, is that I know what is in my soap.
Using natural ingredients that benefit the skin.
I found out that  I will be a grandfather for the fourth time this fall. So I started shopping for natural ingredients  to make some baby soap, baby diaper cream, and baby oil.
I only want the best!
It will cost a bit more, than if I was making a plain soap.
 The last batch of soap I made was a Lavandin Grosso, Rosemary, and Patchouli with poppy seeds. I used mango, and shea butter, along with some olive, and grape seed oil.
Looking over my cost to make this wonderful moisturizing soap I realized that with the added luxury butters and oils it only bump the cost up fifty cents per bar.
For me, when it comes to my family's well being and health it is worth the extra price, rather it be food, or body products.
Back to basics and the simple life for me.
If you have a chance head out to the local farmers market this weekend and stock up on some healthy items. The extra cost is worth it. As you watch your family grow, knowing that you did your best for them you will have an inter peace that you did do your best!

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