Thursday, January 5, 2012

Would Chuck Norris be caught using Handmade Soaps?

 A lot has been wrote about Chuck Norris, it all comes down to one description "Bad Ass!"
If you were to google "Handmade soaps" and look at all the pictures you would see most of the handmade soaps are geared towards females. Nice pretty soaps, pinks,violets and other girly colors, and let not forget about the scents! There is Lavender, Latte mocha, and many other non-manly smelly soaps.
Just picture in your mind Mr. Bad Ass soaking in the tub scrubbing  off  kick ass grime  with a nice bar of Lavender soap! (By the way I do make a bad ass Lavender soap.)
Lets face it today's market of most products are marketed towards females. 
I think we men need to start setting aside a few dollars every payday  for ourselves. (no need to tell the wife.)
I am taking it one step further.
No more making girly soaps! ( That is till someone orders some.)
From now on Eros Soaps will be making Man Soaps! 
Manly colors, Manly scents, and Manly clean!
No more of the wife twittering about me soaking in the tub using a nice floral scented soap!
So this weekend this Bad Ass Soapmaker will be soaping nothing but Bad Ass Soaps! 
(Mr. Norris you Lavender soaps will be mailed out tomorrow)


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  1. best soap --->

    Fruity citrus fragrance.!!