Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Healing Soaps

There are a lot of handmade soap makers that make the claim their soaps have healing properties. If that was so, you would have to get a prescription from a doctor. We do use herbs that have healing properties, but as far as I know it has yet been proven that those healing properties make it past the saponification process.
That is until now!
Every soap that Eros Soaps make, has healing abilities.
That is that they help in healing a wounded heart.
Eros Soaps will donate 20% of profits to the American Widow project.
My father always told me to "Be proud of your country, even if you do not agree the way it is ran."
There seems not to be a lot of proud Americans these days, especially when it comes to our military. I served proudly for over 13 yrs in the U.S. Air Force. Women and men that put their lives in harms way serving our country. Some do so proudly, other do not.
As Americans we need to support out women and men in uniform, even if we do not agree with why we are at war. Everyday a service man or women dies for our country, leaving behind a parent, wife, husband, partner or child. Those that are left behind struggle with a great lost.
It is hard for the surviving loves one to carry on, to provide, and sadly to move on.
I ask that you take the time and check out American Widow Project, who is helping the surviving love ones of a military member.


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