Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why do so many soapers mislead with their ads? I know it really comes down to getting people to buy their products.
Over the last few months we have seen a lot of people and companies trying to regulate our industry. We are not helping ourselves by misleading the consumers.
Two or three times a week, I check out other handmade soap web sites. I would have to say well over 50% cross the line on making false claims.
We need to take responsibility and police our own industry. From reading some of these medical claiming ads "Scented with sweet orange, rosemary, and ylang-ylang essential oils, which work to refresh and soften the skin as well as generate new skin cells"
Generate new skin cells? Just wait a minute and skin cells will regenerate on their own. Dead skin cells are replaced every minute by new skin cells, which are again replaced by new cells when they die because each skin cells lifetime is not more than a minute. I guess the point I want to get across is that a natural handmade soap will not cure your skin problems, even if they have exotic ingredients. Handmade soaps don't have added chemicals such as petroleum products.
A few years ago there was a caffeine soap fad, where pure caffeine was used in handmade soaps.
The claim was that it would help in waking you up.
That was until a study was done. Caffeine Soap

Now we are seeing handmade soaps that list the benefits of using tree tea oil, lavender, vitamins along with a ton of other exotic plants and oils.
The truth is, there are no studies indicating that using handmade soaps with exotic ingredients benefit the skin. (Think about it, soap is put on and rinsed off in a matter of minutes.)
So why buy handmade soaps?
A good handmade bar of soap can help moisturize your skin. It smell good!
A person makes the soaps, not a machine in some factory. Soap makers put their heart and soul into making a batch of soap. We get more satisfaction knowing that someone uses our soaps to feel good and refresh, than making a living from selling our soaps. Creating a soap that will help you to relax, and indulge for a few minute of luxury. Most handmade soaps are a cottage industry business, that help provides jobs, So next time you get ready for a bath, grab that handmade bar of soap, lather up, relax, and escape to your own little world!
Here at Eros Soaps we are not going to get rich, but we will get the satisfaction of knowing that our soaps are bought because you love them!

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