Saturday, July 10, 2010

Granny's Soap

We are not your granny's soap!
Every time I get ready to soap, I think of the first time I was introduced to soap making.
My great grandmother Eula Caldwell had moved in with us. She was one of those old time Pentelcostal ladies, that never cut her hair, only wore dresses, and never owned any makeup.
She would always sit in her rocking chair. Rocking away while listening to some preacher on the radio and reading the bible.
One day she decided to make some soap.
I remember gathering wood for a fire, so she could make some lye.
You hear people longing about the old days, how much more simple life was. Well It is a lot simpler going to the hardware and buying lye, then it is to make it! I think the whole process of making lye took about a week. Well for an 9 year old boy it seemed forever.
One thing I do remember was my mother telling me not to use any of the soap because it was lye strong and would eat me up.
I would always sneak out and wash my hands with it. I really don't remember the effects it had being "lye strong" I just remember It was soap my great grandmother and I made!
Over the last 40 years since my first soap making experience, soap making has come along ways. Now we use exotic ingredients that benefits and helps protect your skin.
It is hard for me to believe that people still buy soap at the store.
Next time you buy a bar of soap look at the label. Do you see shea butter, sweet almond, grape seed or olive oil in the ingredients? Do your body a favor and try a bar of handmade soap.
I think granny Eula would want you to!

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